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Harrison Favour

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I am a Software Engineer with expertise in building secure and scalable enterprise systems. With over 7 years of experience as a developer, I have worked with various languages during this period including; PHP, Java, C# and in recent times specializing on JavaScript and Golang. I've worked in very diverse teams of different sizes during the course of my career.

I enjoy building products that people love and derive a lot of fun working on open source tools. You might consider me a Full-Stack Engineer and in truth I am able to work on the frontend (I can't design though), or backend, or on some random utility library, even Desktop applications (if they still make those). I've very recently been doing DevOps "things" and I find that quite enjoyable. You'd find me writing on Medium sometimes and here's a link if you are interested.

I absolutely love playing FIFA, you can reach out to setup a match!

P.S: Ugh! At any point in time, my experiences on my website might be outdated. Check my LinkedIn profile if that's what you're interested in.

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  • Senior Software Engineer

    Bitfinex Inc.

    Mar 2021 – Present

    Work primarily on the backend to build the KYC platform following compliance regulations.

    Collaborate with team to plan and architect structure of database models, APIs, code, etc of the new KYC project.

    Work with team to ensure coverage of FATF rule by integrating with relevant service providers.

    Improve documentation of backend KYC project to make onboarding easier for new teammates.

    Improve backend testing framework by implementing parallel tests, thereby shortening run time by 75%.

  • Software Engineer

    Gitstart Inc.

    Oct 2020 – April 2021
  • Founder


    Aug 2020 – Present
  • Lead Software Engineer

    Tenece Professional Services

    Mar 2019 – Sep 2020
  • Software Engineer

    Tenece Professional Services

    Nov 2017 - Mar 2019
  • Training Facilitator

    Genesys Tech Hub

    Feb 2018 – Sep 2020
  • Training Facilitator


    Dec 2018 - July 2019
  • Software Developer Intern

    TeamApt Limited

    May 2016 – Oct 2016

Technical Skills

I started out I believe, with PHP sometime when I was in the university. I wrote a bit of procedural PHP and then delved into Object-oriented programming with Java after that. I explored C++ and JavaScript also while I was in school. Internship in 2016 helped me become better at writing Java and I also got introduced to Spring Boot and AngularJS as those were the frameworks of choice at the company. It was also a time of intense exploration as I worked my way around so many programming languages including Python, R, Scala, Kotlin, C, Ruby, etc. I think that helped me with my understanding of programming languages. I did a bit of C# and ASP.NET MVC at some point as well. Since then I have specialized in JavaScript and Golang.


JavaScript | Golang | Java


NodeJS | SpringBoot | Echo


React | HTML | CSS | Vanilla JavaScript


Git | Linux | Gitlab CI/CD | Jenkins | Github Actions | Docker | Kubernetes | GCP | Apache | Nginx

Databases/ Data store

MongoDB | SQL | Firestore (Datastore) | Redis

Cloud Technologies

Serverless Functions | Firebase | Compute Engine | App Engine | Digital Ocean | Firestore | Cloud Storage | Cloud Pub/Sub | Google Stackdriver

Message Brokers

RabbitMQ | Cloud Pub/Sub


Hey, what have I done during my time as a Software Developer? Well here you find out.


A framework for building diverse Management Information Systems. It was built with primarily with JavaScript.

Check it out
Multi-tenant School Management Portal

This was built using the Dynamo framework and currently has about 5 schools using the system currently.

Check it out

Have you ever wanted to quickly create video content without going through the hassle of installing one software after the other and learning how to use those specific softwares? Hexcord is being built as a simple to use tool for creating presentations and tutorial videos and basically just recording anything that is on your computer screen including your face if you want that.

Check it out
React Native Kin SDK

Hey, I'm open source! This is a library for interacting with the Kinecosystem using React Native. It was built with Java.

Check it out
Voucher Processing System

Mostly an internal tool for organizations to create vouchers and scale up the approval chain for the voucher to be processed.

Check it out

This is used by people seeking an easy way to manage their Bitcoin addresses and make transactions directly from within the application.

Check it out
Document Management System

It helps you manage your uploaded documents and tries to accurately classify the documents using the K Nearest Neighbour machine learning algorithm.

Check it out

This is an open source library for scaffolding e-commerce applications.

Check it out
Hexcord Media Server

This is an open source library for quickly deploying a full fledged media server that can stream WebRTC to either MKV format or RTMP.

Check it out

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