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School Manager Portal

Multi-tenant School Management Portal

This is an application that was built with Dynamo. It is a management portal for tertiary institutions and was built to be a Multi-tenant SaaS platform. This makes setting up of schools as easy creating the clients for the schools and issuing their client IDs.

I led the team driving the deployment of various schools built using the Dynamo framework. Listed below are some of the schools running on Dynamo:

Check out the docs here.

What did I do, you ask?

I primarily with React and the Dynamo framework during this period and was heavily involved in various sections of the product including the back-end and the front-end. I led the team for 2 years and;

  • drove development of various features based on client (school) requests,
  • led deployments and integrations,
  • pushed proper adoptions for version controls,
  • wrote documentations to ease onboarding processes,
  • fixed bugs, and
  • guided various members of the team.